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2017 SPOA Board Meeting

The 2017 Board met on 24 Jan 2017 to determine the roles & responsibilities of the 3 members elected to serve at the Annual meeting.  Rod Jenkins agreed to serve another term as President.  Mark Jenner agreed to serve as Vice-President and Treasurer.  Russ Seinious agreed to serve as Secretary and will continue his role on the Architectural Review Committee.   Susie Keel would appreciate help with the Beautification committee and we are still in need of Social Committee volunteers.

The annual dues mailing was delayed until after this Board meeting to allow us to discuss the status of the Code/Covenant voting.  The dues billing and remaining ballots will be mailed NLT the week of 30 January.

As a reminder, Board members only speak with board authority when the board is in session.  Asking a single board member for an opinion on a subject is only his/her opinion and it does not represent the SPOA board opinion.  This has no impact on day to day operations of committee actions in the execution of their prescribed duties.

You can also expect future correspondence and posting of the monthly Pelican Drive through reports and quarterly committee reports in an attempt to increase communication and reduce the amount of information discussed at the Annual netting.


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