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The 3rd Quarter Board Meeting was held 19 July 2022, at 7 PM at 23540 Stablewood Circle.  The meeting was called to order at 7:05PM, with Mark Jenner, Davin Rieke, Bobby Lambert, Terry Johnson, Rod Jenkins and Gabe Agosta of Magnolia Management. 

The SPOA Financials were reviewed and 2nd Quarter 2022 meeting minutes approved.

The board reviewed current building projects, drive-thru reports, the spring letter and Neighborhood watch issues.

The majority of the discussions centered on unapproved work being accomplished on Lot 25, at the entrance and Lot 23&24 Stablewood Circle.  These projects have no approval and the Board is initiating corrective actions with County/State officials and will begin pursuing legal remedies in the near future.

The proposal to pursue a change to the SPOA covenants to allow certain types of metal roofing materials was discussed again and will be voted on at the 4th Quarter meeting.  If approved it will be presented at the Annual meeting.

The next Board meeting is scheduled for 27 Oct. 

The meeting adjourned at 8:34PM


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