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Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch programs provide residents with the feeling of ownership for their community by promoting the belief it is everyone’s responsibility to see that their community is a safer place to live.

Neighborhood Watch encourages resident to be alert for suspicious activity in the area and interact with each other by exchanging information about worked schedules, vacations plans, types of vehicles belong to residents, etc. Regular monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly meetings offers residents’ updated information on current crime trends and allows residents the opportunity to plan watch programs for their area.

Do Neighborhood Watch programs really work? A recent study by the U.S.Department of Justice COPS Office found “across all eligible studies combined, Neighborhood Watch was associated with a reduction in crime.”

Some advantages of Neighborhood Watches include:

  • Reduces crime and prevents crime.
  • Provides direct contact with the Sheriffs Department.
  • Increases awareness about activity in Harrison County.
  • Helps neighbors get to know each other.
  • Assist the Sheriffs Department with crime prevention efforts.

Neighborhood Watch Do’s and Don’ts


  •  Report suspicious activity immediately to the police, not the Neighborhood Watch coordinator or Block Captain.
  • Report all crimes to the police.
  • Learn whats normal in your neighborhood.
  • Take a pro-active stance against crime.
  • Encourage others to participate in Neighborhood Watch, invite new residents to join the Neighborhood Watch.
  • Attend Neighborhood Watch meetings.
  • Obtain full descriptions and license numbers of suspicious people and their vehicles and report immediately to the police.
  • Participate in operations identification.


  • Don’t take the law into your own hands.
  • Don’t approach suspicious people. You should never attempt to apprehend a suspect.
  • Don’t stop criminals committing crimes.
  • Don’t pull over cars on patrol or any time.
  • Don’t take unnecessary risks to obtain information on suspicious people or crimes.
  • Don’t hesitate to call the police.

If you are interested in being an active member of the Stablewood Neighborhood Watch , please contact any current Board Member and volunteer.


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Latest News

The SPOA 2016 Board term is rapidly nearing the end. The last scheduled meeting for the current Board is 7 Nov 2016 at 7PM. If you have issues that need to be added to the agenda, please email them to Pelican Property Management.

The SPOA Annual meeting is tentatively scheduled for 8 Dec 2016 at 6PM at the Oaks Golf Club. The Board turnover this year is going to be large so please be prepared to offer willing nominations at this meeting. The current board President, Rod Jenkins will not seek another term. Cornelius Anderson has indicated he will not seek a second term and Russ Seignious will not remain on either the Board or the Architectural Review Committee. At the time of this posting Roland Samson had made no declaration and Mark Jenner was undecided.

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