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4th Quarter Board Meeting

The 4th Quarter SPOA meeting was held 12 Oct 21 at 7451 Woodland Dr. The meeting was called to order at 7:01PM and was attended by Mark Jenner, Rod Jenkins, Bobby Lambert, Terry Johnson, Daniel Camp and Justin Gore. Financials were discussed and we reviewed the steps needed to address the large number of annual dues delinquencies.

We will exceed this years budget due to a number of issues. The driving factors are the replacing of the well after a lightening strike and the restoration of the Woodland cul-de-sac after the new well was drilled. The irrigation system needed a rebuild, the cul-de-sac re-landscaped and boulders were installed to reduce vehicle traffic through the greenspace. We also incurred expenses for clean-up after a hurricane and saw increases in gas, electric and insurance. Other discussions included property maintenance, homes being remodeled and repainted.

Magnolia presented a FY/CY 21 budget which is supported by the current $400.00 per lot dues structure. The Board approved motions for the budget and yearly dues assessment. As the year has progressed most of the functions of the standing committees, ARC, Social, Beautification, Curb Appeal have been either combined or moved to the board. This has been done to facilitate timely actions and fill the voids created by resignations and little volunteer support.

The Annual Property Owners meeting will be held at the Oaks Clubhouse at 7PM on 7 Dec 2021. Magnolia Management will also host this meeting virtually, like last year, so we can facilitate maximum participation. You will receive an Annual meeting packet in November that will contain the official notice, last years minutes, financials and a consolidated Board report. Please make plans to attend this meeting virtually or in person to participate in your association. Also, please consider joining the board for next year as the current board has almost 20 years collective service to Stablewood.

The meeting adjourned at 7:57 PM and the next meeting will be the Annual meeting on 7 Dec 2021.


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