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The Annual Meeting was held 7 Dec 2021 at 7 PM at the Oaks Clubhouse and virtually via Zoom.  The meeting was well attended with representatives from Magnolia Management and 23 properties represented.  The meeting was called to order at 7:10, meeting requirements were satisfied, and the agenda, reports and last year’s minutes were approved.

The SPOA Financials were reviewed and approved.   The 2022 budget was approved at the 4th Quarter Board Meeting held in October.  It was presented at the meeting, and the annual dues will remain $400 per year.

The area of most concern was neighborhood security and possible ways to enhance our security and safety.  Neighborhood Watch was revisited and didn’t gain the support needed to formalize for our neighborhood.  The issues surrounding Stablewood being “gated” were thoroughly discussed.  At the conclusion of the meeting there were several ideas advanced that will be explored:  making the entrance cameras live, adding more cameras throughout the neighborhood, and adding a roving security guard.  Bottom line, residents want additional security for our community.

Another topic of  discussion was the condition of the Stablewood roads and where we fall on Harrison County’s resurfacing plan.  Steve Hall volunteered to take up that cause and meet with County officials. 

Based on the landscaping of the Woodland cul-de-sac, a request was made to update and refresh the landscaping of the beds at Stablewood Circle.  This refresh will be accomplished with the spring plantings.

We also discussed the social budget of $1500 per year for an annual picnic.  We’ve had little success in organizing an event that services the entire neighborhood, so this line item is rarely used.  A motion was made and passed that allows any social events that include 5 or more property owners to apply for up to $300 in food reimbursement.  This provision will allow for smaller events (currently up to 5) and moves the planning and execution from under the Board.  The change will encourage neighborhood social activities and interaction on a smaller scale.

One last reminder, the community-owned property is relatively small in area.  It includes the entrance, the Woodland cul-de-sac and the median and flower beds on Stablewood Drive/Circle.  It does not include the lake that is on Stablewood Circle.  The lake is on private property owned by Amy&JC Green and Desairie&Bo Cain.  As such, walking around the lake or fishing in the lake is considered trespassing on private property.  Please respect our neighbors’ rights.

The last item was board elections which included the 4 current members and their respective positions:  President Mark Jenner, V-President Rod Jenkins, Treasurer Terry Johnson, Secretary Bobby Lambert and Davin Ricci, a new addition to the board for the coming year.  At the first quarter meeting in January, the board members will decide officer positions for 2022.


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The SPOA Annual Business Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, December 7 2021 at 7:00 PM at the Oaks Club House.   This meeting will also be conducted virtual via Zoom.  The link was provided in the meeting packet mailed by Magnolia Management.  Please make plans to attend the meeting or provide your proxy to a neighbor who’ll be attending.  This is your chance to provide input, volunteer or nominate/approve new board members.

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