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SPOA Annual Meeting Recap

The annual meeting was held 5 Dec 2017 at the Oaks Club House.  The meeting was poorly attended with 8 properties physically represented and an additional 14 proxies to constitute a quorum.  The 2017 financials were reviewed and accepted, the 2018 budget was discussed and 2018 Board elections were held.  The 2018 Board will consist of two returning members (Rod Jenkins and Mark Jenner) and two new members (Glen Needham and Terry Johnson).

Pelican Property management has official meeting minutes and reports submitted  during the meeting.  The 2017 Board thanks the SPOA for a successful year and wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

SPOA Annual Meeting

The SPOA annual meeting will be held December 5, 2017, at 6PM in the Oaks Club house.

Pelican will be sending out the agenda, last year’s minutes, financial report and committee reports for your review before the meeting.  Please be prepared with nominations for next years board.  Our goal is to complete this meeting in 1.5 hours.

Waste Pro has picked up all of the old Waste Pro garbage receptacles that were left out and empty. Our new garbage and recycle schedule is now once a week and on Tuesday. Pelican will now resume citing homeowners who leave their receptacles out during their weekly drive through.

If your Waste Pro receptacle was not picked up, then you need to make arrangements with Waste Pro.

The SPOA Covenant change proposal passed and has been adopted. Pelican will send out updated copies to property owners and Harrison County. The website will also be updated.

The annual meeting is tentatively scheduled for Dec 7, 2017 at the Oaks clubhouse. Expect the meeting notification in Mid-November along with a copy of last years’ meeting minutes, the agenda, and committee reports. Please be prepared to nominate members to the 2018 Board and review these documents so we can efficiently conduct the meeting in less than 2 hours and not read all of these documents before voting.



The transition from Waste Pro to Team Waste occurred 1 Oct 2017.  Since then we’ve  patiently waited for the WastePro receptacle to be removed.  I spoke to the Harrison County Utility Authority, 12 Oct 2017 regarding the can collection.  They provided zero useful information and referred me to WastePro.

I called WastePro on 13 Oct 2017 and they could only state that the process has begun, they have no published plan or schedule and that they have 50,000 receptacles to collect.

I have notified Pelican Property Management and they will not be issuing citations based on WastePro trash cans until this situation is resolved.

The SPOA picnic, scheduled for Sunday 21 May at 2PM has been rescheduled due to a less than favorable forecast.  The picnic will now be held on Sunday, 4 June at 2PM.

Please RSVP to Becky Jenner at bhmjenner@gmail.com to establish a new headcount.

2017 SPOA Board Meeting

The 2017 Board met on 24 Jan 2017 to determine the roles & responsibilities of the 3 members elected to serve at the Annual meeting.  Rod Jenkins agreed to serve another term as President.  Mark Jenner agreed to serve as Vice-President and Treasurer.  Russ Seinious agreed to serve as Secretary and will continue his role on the Architectural Review Committee.   Susie Keel would appreciate help with the Beautification committee and we are still in need of Social Committee volunteers.

The annual dues mailing was delayed until after this Board meeting to allow us to discuss the status of the Code/Covenant voting.  The dues billing and remaining ballots will be mailed NLT the week of 30 January.

As a reminder, Board members only speak with board authority when the board is in session.  Asking a single board member for an opinion on a subject is only his/her opinion and it does not represent the SPOA board opinion.  This has no impact on day to day operations of committee actions in the execution of their prescribed duties.

You can also expect future correspondence and posting of the monthly Pelican Drive through reports and quarterly committee reports in an attempt to increase communication and reduce the amount of information discussed at the Annual netting.

SPOA Annual Meeting

Dec 8, 2016 at 7PM at The Oaks Club House

Please make plans to attend the Stablewood Property Owners Association annual meeting.  This year’s agenda includes an overview of the 2016 budget, financial report and committee reports from Architectural Review (ARC), Beautification, Curb Appeal and Social.  Unfinished Business includes;  Covenant updates, safety concerns and Neighborhood Watch.  New business includes; Lot 9, Phase I property disposition proposal and Board elections.

Board elections will be extremely important this year.  Currently, four out of the five serving members will not be serving on the board next year.  Several of the members are also committee members which leaves both the board and the committees in desperate need of volunteers.  All members need to come to the meeting with nominations of people willing serve on the board or a committee.