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News for 2012!

The new year is upon us and there are significant changes in Stablewood. First and foremost, your property owner association dues are going down! By now, you should have received your statement for 2012 for your annual POA dues. For the first two years, the dues were $600 per lot. ThisĀ  was based on a budgetary estimate created when the POA was first formed in late 2009, as well as actual expense incurred in 2010.

We ended the year (2011) with a positive cash balance to allow for unexpected expenses. We have also been able to get the county to take over the cost of the streetlights that are in front of homes. Those two facts have allowed us to reduce the dues for 2012 to $500 per lot. You have the option of paying $250 by January 31, and the balance by July 31. Sending in the entire $500 now will save everyone time and postage! (more…)


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Our New Web Site is Live!

Welcome to our new web site! This completely redesigned site will provide you better and more timely information about your neighborhood. All of the content from the old site has been migrated over, plus a bunch of new features are added. Some of these new features include:

  • A Follow button, to let you get notified by email when something new is added to the website.
  • The ability to comment on postings to the web.
  • A sophisticated search capability.

Let us know what you think of the new look here.

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