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The annual meeting was held, 14 Dec 22, at the Oaks Clubhouse and virtually on Zoom with 24 residents represented in person or through proxies.  The meeting was called to order at 1904 and following a roll call, a determination of a quorum, a motion was entered, seconded and passed to accept the agenda as presented.

Proof of the annual meeting notice was presented and a motion was made by Becky Jenner, seconded by Lenny Sawyer to waive reading of last year’s minutes and accept them as presented, as they were provided with the meeting notice. There was no discussion and the motion passed approving the minutes.

An overview of Board actions for 2022 was provided, SPOA financials reviewed and the Board report was discussed.  The Board approved CY 2023 Budget was presented and the dues structure will remain at $400 per year.

There was no “unfinished” or “new” business to discuss and we moved into general comments and concerns.  These included dogs allowed to run off-leash and outside of fenced yards, drainage and erosion between 23504 Stablewood Circle and 23478 Stablewood Circle.  The general conditions of the roads were discussed and Harrison County’s lack of response. Other concerns discussed were owners who are delinquent in dues and what were the next steps in collecting those dues. We also discussed the possibility of land zoned R-1 and A-1 between I-10 and Stablewood being developed in the future.

The floor was then opened for nominations and election of the 2023 Board.  After a few moments of silence, Lenny Sawyer made a motion that the current Board should be re-elected, it was seconded by Mary Edith Dressel and after a brief discussion the motion was passed.

A motion was to adjourn was made, seconded and passed at 1940.


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