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Stablewood Annual Meeting

The SPOA Annual meeting was held virtually on Tuesday, 8 Dec 2020 via Zoom and hosted by Magnolia Property Management.  The scheduled start time of 7pm was delayed.  The first 22 minutes of the meeting were used calling, texting, and emailing members in an attempt to get a quorum through proxies or joining the meeting.  A quorum of 17 members was established at 7:22 and the meeting called to order.

The agenda was accepted with no changes and the meeting followed the proposed agenda that was contained in the information packages provided by Magnolia.  The financials for FY 20 were reviewed and the budget for FY 21 was presented.  The annual dues will remain static at $400.00 per year per lot.

We welcome Tara Lambert to the FY 21 Board joining the veteran members Mark Jenner, Rod Jenkins and Terry Johnson.  Committee appointments and volunteers will be finalized at the first FY 21 Board meeting in Jan 2021.   The meeting was adjourned at 7:49 pm.


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