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The 3rd quarter board meeting was held on 21 July 2020 at the home of Mark Jenner.  The agenda included approving minutes from the 1st quarter meeting and reviewing issues from the 2nd quarter virtual meeting.  The budget and financials were reviewed and the meeting was opened to new business.

We reviewed the two security incidents, paintball and stolen ladder, and discussed the security camera shortfalls.  After working with Security Solutions and the camera manufacturer we were able to adjust settings on the tag reader cameras to capture clear images at night.  Video images were reviewed by all members and all agreed the issue was resolved.

The stolen ladder incident showed a vulnerability in the camera placement.  The driver was aware of the cameras and was able to avoid exposing the license plate to the view of the camera.  The physical location of the camera makes it impossible to cover this vulnerability.  The board unanimously agreed to request Security Solutions to place cameras on the South-side of the entrance to cover this shortfall.  Security Solutions offered an acceptable proposal consistent with the previous camera agreement and it was executed in August.

The common area fencing was cleaned and stained at the main entrance and the Stablewood Circle entrance.

The meeting was adjourned and the 4th quarter meeting scheduled for 20 Oct 2020


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