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The Annual Meeting was held 7 Dec 2021 at 7 PM at the Oaks Clubhouse and virtually via Zoom.  The meeting was well attended with representatives from Magnolia Management and 23 properties represented.  The meeting was called to order at 7:10, meeting requirements were satisfied, and the agenda, reports and last year’s minutes were approved.

The SPOA Financials were reviewed and approved.   The 2022 budget was approved at the 4th Quarter Board Meeting held in October.  It was presented at the meeting, and the annual dues will remain $400 per year.

The area of most concern was neighborhood security and possible ways to enhance our security and safety.  Neighborhood Watch was revisited and didn’t gain the support needed to formalize for our neighborhood.  The issues surrounding Stablewood being “gated” were thoroughly discussed.  At the conclusion of the meeting there were several ideas advanced that will be explored:  making the entrance cameras live, adding more cameras throughout the neighborhood, and adding a roving security guard.  Bottom line, residents want additional security for our community.

Another topic of  discussion was the condition of the Stablewood roads and where we fall on Harrison County’s resurfacing plan.  Steve Hall volunteered to take up that cause and meet with County officials. 

Based on the landscaping of the Woodland cul-de-sac, a request was made to update and refresh the landscaping of the beds at Stablewood Circle.  This refresh will be accomplished with the spring plantings.

We also discussed the social budget of $1500 per year for an annual picnic.  We’ve had little success in organizing an event that services the entire neighborhood, so this line item is rarely used.  A motion was made and passed that allows any social events that include 5 or more property owners to apply for up to $300 in food reimbursement.  This provision will allow for smaller events (currently up to 5) and moves the planning and execution from under the Board.  The change will encourage neighborhood social activities and interaction on a smaller scale.

One last reminder, the community-owned property is relatively small in area.  It includes the entrance, the Woodland cul-de-sac and the median and flower beds on Stablewood Drive/Circle.  It does not include the lake that is on Stablewood Circle.  The lake is on private property owned by Amy&JC Green and Desairie&Bo Cain.  As such, walking around the lake or fishing in the lake is considered trespassing on private property.  Please respect our neighbors’ rights.

The last item was board elections which included the 4 current members and their respective positions:  President Mark Jenner, V-President Rod Jenkins, Treasurer Terry Johnson, Secretary Bobby Lambert and Davin Ricci, a new addition to the board for the coming year.  At the first quarter meeting in January, the board members will decide officer positions for 2022.

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The SPOA Annual Business Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, December 7 2021 at 7:00 PM at the Oaks Club House.   This meeting will also be conducted virtual via Zoom.  The link was provided in the meeting packet mailed by Magnolia Management.  Please make plans to attend the meeting or provide your proxy to a neighbor who’ll be attending.  This is your chance to provide input, volunteer or nominate/approve new board members.

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Stablewood Security Issues

As many are aware we have witnessed an increase in property crimes over the last several years. As a result we have installed security cameras at the entrance and have researched Neighborhood Watch numerous times with little or no interest from the association at large. Over the last couple of days I’ve responded to text, emails, and phone calls concerning Stablewood security and the possibilities of having a gated community.


                For a gate or security to be installed and control the entrance, the SPOA would become responsible for the maintenance and up keep of the roads, drainage, infrastructure and easements.  We’d become a private community with private roads, not public and not maintained by the County.

                The Oaks HOA dues are $100 per month, with roughly 400 properties, they generate $40,000 a month for maintenance of common property, roads, security, etc  The Oaks is semi-private because of the public golf course, but they are private after dark for all intents and purposes.

                                Section 4.18 The Oaks Covenants:

                                Section 6.11 Emergency and Service Easement:

Stablewood has almost 3 miles of paved streets with an estimated lifespan of 15 years.  Based on the age of our subdivision, we’d be looking at a large capital expenditure in the next 5 years to repave all the streets.

Average cost of asphalt is $4.00 per sq/ft.

 Estimate based on 22 ft wide and 15,000 ft of street is 330,000 sq/ft or $1,320,000.00

                Gulfport awarded a $5.4 million dollar contract to repair/pave Courthouse Rd.  The project included drainage and lighting infrastructure and was 4 lanes instead of 2 but the total length is 1.1 miles. (60 ft wide x 6000 ft = 360,000 sq/ft)


                Swetman Security entered into an agreement with the city of Biloxi to provide uniform security for $15.50 per hours.  If we secured the entrance, the recurring labor cost would be roughly 2 FTEs (Full Time Equivalents), 10 or 12 hours per day, 7 days per week or  4160 hours per year = $64,480.

                Building a 10×10 guard shack, with power, water and sewage will be difficult   Power and water is available but it would require septic.

                A onetime cost of a security gate install would be estimated at $15,000-$25,000 with some recurring maintenance cost.  This could probably be achieved with a special assessment and a minimal annual dues increase.

First step would be a change SPOA Covenants

                Covenant changes require 67% to approval.  It took five years to obtain this percentage just to change the verbiage on driveways since 85% of the homeowners were in noncompliance.    

                Based on current road conditions, I’d not consider entertaining this course of action until after the county resurfaces our streets in the next 5 to 7 years.

                A dues increase would have to occur almost immediately to bank the cost of building the guard house and repaving the roads.  Roughly dues would increase from $400 a year to $100 a month/$1200 a year or a special assessment of $20,000 per lot. 

                It is really premature to talk about any of this until the fact that Oakenshield is a public road is addressed.  Gates to private roads don’t work when a parallel road is public.

Oakenshield Issues

                The first property the developers acquired that would become Stablewood was John Dane’s horse ranch.  The address for that property was 8040 Oakenshield Lane because Oakenshield was the public access road to the ranch.  The acquisition of that property was the basis of the Stablewood Subdivision, and it included all of the properties in or bordering Stablewood Circle.  The second land acquisition was from Royce Hill.  That land went from Menge Ave to Oakenshield Lane.  The parcel included the entrance, Stablewood Drive, Woodland Drive and all of the lots in the creation of that phase of the Stablewood Subdivision. There are at least 12 property owners who are not part of Stablewood Subdivision who have legal rights and access to Oakenshield as the dedicated public access to their properties.  Before any homes were built in our subdivision, the developers of Stablewood LLC negotiated as a single entity with the principal owners of Oakenshield Lane to remove it as the public assess and instead utilize Stablewood Drive.  Those negotiations  failed.  As a result, there are 11 Stablewood properties on Stablewood Dr and Woodland Drive that have legal easements across their property that guarantee the existence of Oakenshield Lane and provide public access to all Oakenshield properties.  Until there is agreement between the 20+ property owners on Oakenshield Lane, it is pointless for the SPOA to make attempts to secure the entrance and make Stablewood a gated community.  Stated another way, unless all those owners agree to give up public access and pay to legally document this change, SPOA can do nothing.  While this issue is certainly of great interest to the SPOA,  until the access issue is agreed upon and legally changed, the SPOA has no leverage, no authority and no right in any matter regarding Oakenshield. 

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4th Quarter Board Meeting

The 4th Quarter SPOA meeting was held 12 Oct 21 at 7451 Woodland Dr. The meeting was called to order at 7:01PM and was attended by Mark Jenner, Rod Jenkins, Bobby Lambert, Terry Johnson, Daniel Camp and Justin Gore. Financials were discussed and we reviewed the steps needed to address the large number of annual dues delinquencies.

We will exceed this years budget due to a number of issues. The driving factors are the replacing of the well after a lightening strike and the restoration of the Woodland cul-de-sac after the new well was drilled. The irrigation system needed a rebuild, the cul-de-sac re-landscaped and boulders were installed to reduce vehicle traffic through the greenspace. We also incurred expenses for clean-up after a hurricane and saw increases in gas, electric and insurance. Other discussions included property maintenance, homes being remodeled and repainted.

Magnolia presented a FY/CY 21 budget which is supported by the current $400.00 per lot dues structure. The Board approved motions for the budget and yearly dues assessment. As the year has progressed most of the functions of the standing committees, ARC, Social, Beautification, Curb Appeal have been either combined or moved to the board. This has been done to facilitate timely actions and fill the voids created by resignations and little volunteer support.

The Annual Property Owners meeting will be held at the Oaks Clubhouse at 7PM on 7 Dec 2021. Magnolia Management will also host this meeting virtually, like last year, so we can facilitate maximum participation. You will receive an Annual meeting packet in November that will contain the official notice, last years minutes, financials and a consolidated Board report. Please make plans to attend this meeting virtually or in person to participate in your association. Also, please consider joining the board for next year as the current board has almost 20 years collective service to Stablewood.

The meeting adjourned at 7:57 PM and the next meeting will be the Annual meeting on 7 Dec 2021.

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The 3rd Quarter SPOA meeting was held 20 July 2021 at 7451 Woodland Dr. The meeting was called to order at 7:04PM and was attended by Mark Jenner, Rod Jenkins, Tara Lambert, Terry Johnson and Steve Camp. Financials were discussed and we are expecting to exceed this years budget. The driving factors are the replacing of the well after a lightening strike and the restoration of the Woodland cul-de-sac after the new well was drilled. Other discussions included property maintenance with excessive rainfall, tree removal and crime in the neighborhood with the possibility of establishing Neighborhood Watch. There has been a rise in crime in Stablewood, most of the property crime has been against unlock cars. In discussions with Harrison County Sheriffs Office (HCSO) deputy there has also been a number of credit card fraud incidents and an increase of vehicles speeding. The HCSO Deputy stated he’ll be writing tickets and to remind the residents that the speed limit is 25 MPH.

Neighborhood watch has been tried several times with little to no community involvement so that discussion will continue. The meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM and the next quarterly board meeting will be 12 Oct 2021.

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Lightning Strike

During Aprils severe weather events the SPOA irrigation well, located in the Woodland Drive cul-de-sac, received a direct lightning strike. The issue was discovered on 28 April when Bay Power Washing attempted to power-wash the entrance and had no water. The well was inspected by Farve Well service and arrangements were made to have the pump replaced on 29 April. When trying to remove the pump it was discovered the pump was fused to the casing. The wire connections had been melted and the pipe heated and misshapen. The pipe and wire were removed but the pump remained lodged in the casing effectively plugging the well.

The board contracted with Farve Well Service to drill a new well and replace the supporting equipment. That activity will commence ASAP and be completed in the next couple of weeks.

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The meeting was held 20 April 2021 at 7451 Woodland Dr at 7PM. The meeting was called to order at 1903 with Mark Jenner, Terry Johnson, Tara Lambert and Magnolia Property Management representatives Daniel and Steve Camp in attendance. Financials were reviewed and minutes approved before moving on to new business. Dues collection for 2021 is going well with a few exceptions. There have been numerous violation and reminder letters sent from Magnolia Management with corrective action being executed within reasonable timelines. Currently there are 5 homes under construction in the neighborhood along with on-going tree removal, roof repairs and fence replacements. The county was contacted about road deterioration at the intersection of Stablewood Dr and Woodland intersection and responded to within 3 days.

The Board contracted with Trinketbox to install 9 large boulders around the perimeter on the Woodland Dr cul-de-sac. This was done in an effort to reduce vehicles driving through and destroying the landscape, the irrigation lines and valves. The Board also approved a landscaping plan for the cul-de-sac to incorporate the rocks into the overall design.

The entrance was power-washed and we are in negotiations to establish a quarterly contract with the vendor.

The next Board meeting is scheduled for July 20, 2021 at 7PM with locations TBD closer to the meeting. The Board assignments are: President – Mark Jenner, Vice President – Rod Jenkins, Treasurer – Terry Johnson and Tara Lambert – Secretary.

The meeting was adjourned at 2005.

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SPOA 1st Quarter Board Meeting

The meeting was held 19 Jan 2021 at 7451 Woodland Dr at 7PM. The meeting was called to order at 1903 with Mark Jenner, Terry Johnson and Grant LaGrange in attendance and Rod Jenkin via telecon. Tara Lambert was unable to attend. Financials were reviewed and minutes approved before moving on to new business. Dues collection for 2021 is going very well with few exceptions. There have been numerous violation and reminder letters sent from Magnolia Management with corrective action being executed within reasonable timelines. Currently there are 5 homes under construction in the neighborhood, 2 pools being installed in addition to hurricane clean-up, tree removal, roof repairs and fence replacements.

The Board has decided to combine the Beautification and Curb Appeal committees. These committees have been 1 deep with parallel missions so they were combined to form Beautification/Curb appeal. Members include Rod&Rose Jenkins, Susie Keel and Jack McDermid. The ARC remains Russ Segnious and the Social Committee is Erica Johnson and Beck Jenner.

The Board will be contracting with a vendor to power wash the entrance once a quarter. We are also replacing the “Dog Leash/Poop” signs throughout the neighborhood. Several streetlights were identified as being out, were marked and Coast Electric notified. The Board is also investigating installing a series of boulders and large sitting stones in the Woodland cul-de-sac to prevent vehicle traffic through the grass. Once installed low voltage lighting will be installed to illuminate the rocks at night.

The Board meetings for the year were scheduled and set for April 13, July 13 and Oct 12 with locations TBD closer to the meeting. The Board assignments are: President – Mark Jenner, Vice President/Secretary – Rod Jenkins, Treasurer – Terry Johnson. We expect Tara Lambert will pick-up 1 of these offices.

The meeting was adjourned at 1950.

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Stablewood Annual Meeting

The SPOA Annual meeting was held virtually on Tuesday, 8 Dec 2020 via Zoom and hosted by Magnolia Property Management.  The scheduled start time of 7pm was delayed.  The first 22 minutes of the meeting were used calling, texting, and emailing members in an attempt to get a quorum through proxies or joining the meeting.  A quorum of 17 members was established at 7:22 and the meeting called to order.

The agenda was accepted with no changes and the meeting followed the proposed agenda that was contained in the information packages provided by Magnolia.  The financials for FY 20 were reviewed and the budget for FY 21 was presented.  The annual dues will remain static at $400.00 per year per lot.

We welcome Tara Lambert to the FY 21 Board joining the veteran members Mark Jenner, Rod Jenkins and Terry Johnson.  Committee appointments and volunteers will be finalized at the first FY 21 Board meeting in Jan 2021.   The meeting was adjourned at 7:49 pm.

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The Stablewood Property Owners Association (SPOA) Annual meeting is planned for Tuesday, 8 Dec 2020 at 7PM.

Due to COVID restrictions the Oak’s Clubhouse is not available for rent.  Since these restrictions are imposed throughout the county, we’ve yet to find an appropriate and convenient venue for the meeting.  We are still exploring options but there is a real possibility that the meeting may be held in a virtual format.  This format may include a Video-teleconference (VTC) or a Google/Gmail video meeting between up to 4 neighborhood locations.

In the coming weeks you’ll receive the annual meeting packet with meeting minutes, committee reports, budget expenditures for 2020 and plans for 2021.  We asked that you review these materials and if possible, discuss any issues with neighbors or current board members and if there is consensus, we’d strongly encourage members to submit proxies to Magnolia prior to the annual meeting date.  Regardless of the meeting format, we can reduce the amount of face-to-face contact if we maximize the use of proxies.

As with all annual meetings the SPOA is in desperate need of community participation on the Board and Committees.  We must have 3 members minimum to maintain the Board and the legitimacy of the SPOA.  The current members have served for 3 years or more and new blood is needed.  The four committees are poorly supported and have remained 1 deep by the same people for many years.

More for follow

Mark Jenner, SPOA Board President

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