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The 4th Quarter Board Meeting was held 3 Nov 2022 with Mark Jenner, Davin Rieke, Bobby Lambert, Terry Johnson, Rod Jenkins and Gabe Agosta of Magnolia Management. 

The SPOA Financials were reviewed and 3nd Quarter 2022 meeting minutes approved.

A review of the financials showed 6 delinquent annual dues accounts.  Magnolia management will follow-up with phone calls to resolve this issue before legal action is pursued.  The board approved the 2023 FY/CY budget.  That budget will no longer reflect an annual social.  The Board will still support social functions if approved but we’ll no longer budget for the event.  That budget line will now reflect our internet access and live security cameras at the front endurance.  Based on the current financial reserves the current dues structure of $400.00 per year was approved for FY/CY 2023.

The Board discussed the “Plan set for review, not construction” for the property at 23080 Stablewood Circle.  Based on the review the board tabled further action until the 1st Quarter meeting in Jan 2023.

The motion to seek a covenant change to allow certain metal roofing did not receive a second so the motion died and this issue is closed.

The Annual Property Owners meeting will be held at the Oaks Clubhouse at 7PM on 14 Dec 2022. Magnolia Management will also host this meeting virtually, like last year, so we can facilitate maximum participation.  Please make plans to attend this meeting virtually or in person to participate in your association. Also, please consider joining the board for next year as the current board has more than 20 years collective service to Stablewood.


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