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SPOA 1st Quarter Board Meeting

The meeting was held 19 Jan 2021 at 7451 Woodland Dr at 7PM. The meeting was called to order at 1903 with Mark Jenner, Terry Johnson and Grant LaGrange in attendance and Rod Jenkin via telecon. Tara Lambert was unable to attend. Financials were reviewed and minutes approved before moving on to new business. Dues collection for 2021 is going very well with few exceptions. There have been numerous violation and reminder letters sent from Magnolia Management with corrective action being executed within reasonable timelines. Currently there are 5 homes under construction in the neighborhood, 2 pools being installed in addition to hurricane clean-up, tree removal, roof repairs and fence replacements.

The Board has decided to combine the Beautification and Curb Appeal committees. These committees have been 1 deep with parallel missions so they were combined to form Beautification/Curb appeal. Members include Rod&Rose Jenkins, Susie Keel and Jack McDermid. The ARC remains Russ Segnious and the Social Committee is Erica Johnson and Beck Jenner.

The Board will be contracting with a vendor to power wash the entrance once a quarter. We are also replacing the “Dog Leash/Poop” signs throughout the neighborhood. Several streetlights were identified as being out, were marked and Coast Electric notified. The Board is also investigating installing a series of boulders and large sitting stones in the Woodland cul-de-sac to prevent vehicle traffic through the grass. Once installed low voltage lighting will be installed to illuminate the rocks at night.

The Board meetings for the year were scheduled and set for April 13, July 13 and Oct 12 with locations TBD closer to the meeting. The Board assignments are: President – Mark Jenner, Vice President/Secretary – Rod Jenkins, Treasurer – Terry Johnson. We expect Tara Lambert will pick-up 1 of these offices.

The meeting was adjourned at 1950.


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