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The 1st Quarter Board Meeting was held 3 Feb 2022 at 7 PM at 7451 Woodland Dr.  The meeting was called to order at 7:01PM, with Mark Jenner, Rod Jenkins, Davin Rieke, Daniel Camp (Magnolia Mgt) present and Terry Johnson via phone.  Bobby Lambert was out of town. 

The SPOA Financials were reviewed and 4th Quarter 2021 meeting minutes approved.

The board reviewed current building projects, drive-thru reports and association contracts.

Stablewood Circle landscaping was addressed and will occur in Feb/Mar timeframe.  Road re-surfacing is a Harrison County issue and no additional information is available at this time.

The area of most concern was neighborhood security and possible ways to enhance our security and safety.  An industry/military proven Risk Assessment Matrix was utilized to baseline Stablewood’s Security Risk.  National crime statistics and a comprehensive data set from Harrison County Sheriff’s Office were utilized.  That dataset included all crimes within a 3-mile radius of Stablewood from 1 Jan – 15 Dec 2021.  Our assessment rating was “Moderate”  in a rating scale of Low, Moderate, High, and  Extremely High.  Different courses of action were applied to the matrix to evaluate mitigation strategies.  Those strategies ranged from hiring full-time security, part-time security, making entrance cameras live and establishing Neighborhood Watch.  After application of each mitigating strategy our overall Risk Assessment remained Moderate.

Based on this assessment and a cost/benefit analysis, the Board decided to implement the following:  the virtual Neighborhood Watch(NW) utilizing the Band app, posting of NW signs, and making the entrance cameras live.  An added benefit to the cameras being live will be WIFI availability at the entrance.  We plan to provide HCSO the password to allow deputies to utilize the network which should increase law enforcement visibility.  Additionally, we are researching increasing neighborhood lighting.

If you wish more information and details of the Risk Assessment and the Cost/Benefit analysis of mitigation strategies please contact Mark Jenner.

The board assignments for 2022 are:  President Mark Jenner, Vice-President Rod Jenkins, Treasurer Terry Johnson, Secretary Davin Rieke and Bobby Lambert. 

Board meetings are scheduled for 27 April, 19 July and 27 Oct. 

The meeting adjourned at 8:00PM


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