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Waste Pro has picked up all of the old Waste Pro garbage receptacles that were left out and empty. Our new garbage and recycle schedule is now once a week and on Tuesday. Pelican will now resume citing homeowners who leave their receptacles out during their weekly drive through.

If your Waste Pro receptacle was not picked up, then you need to make arrangements with Waste Pro.

The SPOA Covenant change proposal passed and has been adopted. Pelican will send out updated copies to property owners and Harrison County. The website will also be updated.

The annual meeting is tentatively scheduled for Dec 7, 2017 at the Oaks clubhouse. Expect the meeting notification in Mid-November along with a copy of last years’ meeting minutes, the agenda, and committee reports. Please be prepared to nominate members to the 2018 Board and review these documents so we can efficiently conduct the meeting in less than 2 hours and not read all of these documents before voting.



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The transition from Waste Pro to Team Waste occurred 1 Oct 2017.  Since then we’ve  patiently waited for the WastePro receptacle to be removed.  I spoke to the Harrison County Utility Authority, 12 Oct 2017 regarding the can collection.  They provided zero useful information and referred me to WastePro.

I called WastePro on 13 Oct 2017 and they could only state that the process has begun, they have no published plan or schedule and that they have 50,000 receptacles to collect.

I have notified Pelican Property Management and they will not be issuing citations based on WastePro trash cans until this situation is resolved.

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