Stablewood Annual Meeting

The SPOA Annual meeting was held virtually on Tuesday, 8 Dec 2020 via Zoom and hosted by Magnolia Property Management.  The scheduled start time of 7pm was delayed.  The first 22 minutes of the meeting were used calling, texting, and emailing members in an attempt to get a quorum through proxies or joining the meeting.  A quorum of 17 members was established at 7:22 and the meeting called to order.

The agenda was accepted with no changes and the meeting followed the proposed agenda that was contained in the information packages provided by Magnolia.  The financials for FY 20 were reviewed and the budget for FY 21 was presented.  The annual dues will remain static at $400.00 per year per lot.

We welcome Tara Lambert to the FY 21 Board joining the veteran members Mark Jenner, Rod Jenkins and Terry Johnson.  Committee appointments and volunteers will be finalized at the first FY 21 Board meeting in Jan 2021.   The meeting was adjourned at 7:49 pm.


The Stablewood Property Owners Association (SPOA) Annual meeting is planned for Tuesday, 8 Dec 2020 at 7PM.

Due to COVID restrictions the Oak’s Clubhouse is not available for rent.  Since these restrictions are imposed throughout the county, we’ve yet to find an appropriate and convenient venue for the meeting.  We are still exploring options but there is a real possibility that the meeting may be held in a virtual format.  This format may include a Video-teleconference (VTC) or a Google/Gmail video meeting between up to 4 neighborhood locations.

In the coming weeks you’ll receive the annual meeting packet with meeting minutes, committee reports, budget expenditures for 2020 and plans for 2021.  We asked that you review these materials and if possible, discuss any issues with neighbors or current board members and if there is consensus, we’d strongly encourage members to submit proxies to Magnolia prior to the annual meeting date.  Regardless of the meeting format, we can reduce the amount of face-to-face contact if we maximize the use of proxies.

As with all annual meetings the SPOA is in desperate need of community participation on the Board and Committees.  We must have 3 members minimum to maintain the Board and the legitimacy of the SPOA.  The current members have served for 3 years or more and new blood is needed.  The four committees are poorly supported and have remained 1 deep by the same people for many years.

More for follow

Mark Jenner, SPOA Board President

The 4th quarter board meeting was held on 20 Oct 2020 at the home of Mark Jenner.  The agenda included approving minutes from the 3rd quarter meeting and reviewing issues from previous meetings.  The budget and financials were reviewed and the meeting was opened to new business.

The Board reviewed the zoning change requested by Ms. Brandi Viator on Oakenshield Ln, current building projects in Stablewood and pending Architectural (ARC) reviews and complaints. We reviewed the addition of an additional security camera suite at the entrance and finalized the install and payment.

The annual budget was reviewed in preparation of next years budget and the determination of a dues adjustment. Based on current projections the Association should end the year just under budget. Even though we increased expenditures in maintenance (fence staining, additional security cameras) we received a refund on our legal expense retainer and again had no social event for the year due to COVID.

We are seeing an increase in utility bills and expecting an increase in Insurance and Management cost. For these reasons the Board voted to keep the dues static at $400 per year and depending on outcomes the next Board may consider a dues holiday in FY 2022

The Annual meeting will be held on Tuesday, 8 Dec 2020 at 7PM. Currently The Oak’s is not allowing use of the Club House due to COVID restrictions. We are asking all members to maximize the use of proxies prior to the annual meeting. If we can reduce the physical footprint to 10-12 people, each having a proxy from a friend/neighbor we can execute the Annual Meeting with minimal physical interaction. We may do the meeting virtually from 4 or 5 locations.

Please consider participating as a Board member or a committee member next year.

The 3rd quarter board meeting was held on 21 July 2020 at the home of Mark Jenner.  The agenda included approving minutes from the 1st quarter meeting and reviewing issues from the 2nd quarter virtual meeting.  The budget and financials were reviewed and the meeting was opened to new business.

We reviewed the two security incidents, paintball and stolen ladder, and discussed the security camera shortfalls.  After working with Security Solutions and the camera manufacturer we were able to adjust settings on the tag reader cameras to capture clear images at night.  Video images were reviewed by all members and all agreed the issue was resolved.

The stolen ladder incident showed a vulnerability in the camera placement.  The driver was aware of the cameras and was able to avoid exposing the license plate to the view of the camera.  The physical location of the camera makes it impossible to cover this vulnerability.  The board unanimously agreed to request Security Solutions to place cameras on the South-side of the entrance to cover this shortfall.  Security Solutions offered an acceptable proposal consistent with the previous camera agreement and it was executed in August.

The common area fencing was cleaned and stained at the main entrance and the Stablewood Circle entrance.

The meeting was adjourned and the 4th quarter meeting scheduled for 20 Oct 2020

The security company synchronized the time stamp on the camera system toady.  They are going to check with the manufacturer of the License Plate Reader (LPR) cameras to determine the best setting.  The auto setting is generally the recommended setting and that is how the cameras are configured.  Last week was the first time, since camera install, that we needed the LPR function at night and we were not aware of the washout problem.

The plan is to attempt manual settings, based on manufacturer feedback and accomplish nighttime test next week.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing, shelter in place and curfew orders the 2nd Quarter Board meeting was held virtually and via email.


SPOA Board meetings as defined by Section 10 of the by-laws.

Regular meetings of the Board of Directors may be held at such time and place as shall be determined, from time to time, by a majority of the Directors, but at least two (2) such meetings shall be held during each fiscal year.

Traditionally the Board meets quarterly and that seems reasonable and in agreement with best practices and will be continued in the future.  This meeting was not held due to the COVID-19 directives issued by state and local governments.  This is a summary of issues discussed, reviewed via email and completed by 21 April 2020.

Issues from previous meeting

During the first Quartet meeting we discussed the need to add additional speed limit signs.  The placement and density of speed limit signs conforms to state laws and nation-wide best practices.  We agreed that additional posting would be in conjunction with existing sign post.  This would effectively limit additional signs to the two “Yield “signs at the head of the circle and the “No Outlet” sign on Woodland Dr.  At this time the Board sees little or no value in adding additional signage.

The Board had contacted the Harrison County Board of Supervisors and the County Engineer about gaining permission to place curbing around the Woodland Dr cul-de-sac to prevent vehicles from driving through the grass.  This is still an open issue as contacting county government officials during the COVID-19 pandemic is virtually impossible.

Items this Quarter

The dusk/dawn sensor was replaced on the entrance lighting.  The faulty sensor was allowing the lights to be on 24/7.

Periodic irrigation system maintenance was performed.  A leak was discovered and repaired in the Woodland Dr cul-de-sac that was caused by heavy trucks and equipment driving across the grassed area.

A special thanks to Susie Keel as the only member of the beautification committee.  The knock-out roses at the entrance look fabulous.

The end of March financial statement was reviewed and no other business was discussed.

The next quarterly board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, July 21, 2020

The first quarter Board meeting was held 29 Jan 2020 at 7 PM at 23455 Stablewood Circle.  The Board reviewed financials presented by Magnolia Property Management. There were 2 delinquent accounts for yearly dues which required follow-up by Magnolia.  We discussed some signage in the neighborhood, some extended construction sites requiring attention and some common property damage to the Woodland cul-de-sac that Magnolia will be issuing letters directing remedies.

The board discussed the possibilities of adding curbing to the Woodland cul-de-sac and making that island consistent with other islands in the neighborhood.  A request was made to the Harrison County Supervisor and County Engineer for approval/guidance and we are waiting on a reply.  We also discussed proposals about the posting of additional speed limit signs and a process to penalize habitual violators of neighborhood policies.   These issues require further study and will be researched for a decision at the next board meeting.

The tentative schedule of future board meetings were set for 21 April, 21 July, 20 Oct and the next Annual meeting on 8 Dec.

The 2020 officers are:  President – Mark Jenner, Vice President/Secretary – Rod Jenkins, Treasurer Terry Johnson


Stablewood Mail Box

The SPOA has a defined mailbox design and Brandon Industries Inc is the supplier of our mailboxes.  The developer maintained a number of mailbox parts but the preferred method is to order the mailbox directly from Brandon Industries.  The current quote (1/15/2020) is uploaded to the Downloaded Documents section on the website and below.



SPOA 2019 Annual Meeting

The 2019 Annual SPOA meeting was held at the Oaks Clubhouse on 10 Dec 19.  The meeting began shortly after 1900 and ended by 2100.  The meeting had the minimum of 25% of the property owners represented and after certifying proxies and proof of notice demonstrated by Magnolia Management Services the meeting was continued.

The meeting reviewed the 2019 financials, the 4 committee reports (ARC, Beatification, Curb Appeal and Social) and reviewed the business conducted over the previous year.  Discussions included the installation of security cameras, the failed attempt to gain Neighborhood Watch status, the failed attempt to host a neighborhood social, the landscaping of the Woodland Dr cul-de-sac and the beds at Stablewood Dr/Circle and the possibility of making Stablewood a gated community.

For 2020 the Board approved continuing our relationship with Magnolia, dues remaining the same, the budget remaining static and the following items will be researched during the next year:

The possibility of installing curbing throughout the neighborhood

The possibility of imposing fines on repeat infractions that are not constant but routine

The possibility of installing curbing around the Woodland Dr cul-de-sac

Research the implications of the sale of Lot 1/PH 2 Sec 36-7-13 on the entrance fencing and lighting

The 2020 Board was elected with 3 of the 4 remaining on the board for 2020 and 1 deciding to retire.  We continue to have low homeowner participation during our meetings and would like suggestions on how to increase participation to ensure the SPOA remains active and maintain the neighborhood.  There was a plea for volunteers to join the Board or the committees to increase resident’s participation in the SPOA.

Please refer to the official meeting minutes, maintained by Magnolia Management Services for any question you may have.

The 2019 Board wishes you and your families a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

The 3rd Quarter Board meeting was held on 21 Aug with all members in attendance.  We completed a standard agenda, reviewed financials and covenant reports.

The board had two issues that concern all Stablewood residents.  The first requested the board to consider making Stablewood gated or secured similar to The Oaks.  The second issue concerned the new construction on Woodland Drive and the use of metal roofing.

The issues surrounding the making the neighborhood private/semi-private were the costs and the logistics of presenting a proposal that is feasible in design and financially sustainable.  The Oaks is deemed a semi-private community.  The primary reasons for this declaration are the public golf course and the unlimited access offered during daylight hours.  The guard is on duty from dusk to early morning, and access is limited to The Oaks residents and vehicles with an Oaks sticker.  The Oaks community is responsible for the maintenance of all private roads, and they grant access and emergency service easements to police, sheriff, fire and similar agencies.

For Stablewood to be declared private or semi-private; Harrison County would require the SPOA to assume responsibility for the maintenance of the all roads, drainage and utility easements.  Stablewood has approximately 3 miles of two-lane road that is 22 feet wide (330,000 sq/ft).  The average cost of asphalt is $4.00 sq/ft which would make a minimum material cost of $1.3 million dollars a recurring expense every 15-20 years.  By comparison, the City of Gulfport awarded a $5.4 million contract to repair and resurface Courthouse Rd, 1.1 miles of 4-lane road (360,000 sq/ft).

To add uniformed security after dark, the labor cost alone would be approximately $65,000 a year based on current contracts the City of Biloxi has with Swetman Security.  That is twice our current annual budget.  Even if we pursued these options, Oakenshield Ln would not be altered.  It would offer easy entry to our neighborhood with or without a manned security gate.  The Board concluded that this action was neither a fiscally nor a logistically sustainable proposal and closed the issue.

The second issue discussed was a complaint received based on the use of metal roofing on the new construction on Woodland Dr.  The issue is grounded in the SPOA ARC guidelines that states; “Sheet metal roofs are not allowed.”  The ARC reviewed the design plans and approved the metal roof on “porches, breezeways and accents”.  The approval was based on at least seven homes in the neighborhood that were approved for metal roofing material on porches, breezeways and accents in the past.  This current approval was in keeping with the guidelines and previously accepted construction approvals.  Issue closed, no Board action required.