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Neighborhood Watch

During the 2018 SPOA Annual meeting the topic of establishing a Neighborhood Watch was re-visited.  A program was started 8-10 years ago but was not sustainable.  The Board revisited this issue in 2016 with several meetings with the HCSO.  The solicitations for “active” volunteers to fill roles of Coordinator, Block Captains and citizen participants were lacking.  As a result of the most recent Annual meeting we are again investigating the interest for establishing a Neighborhood Watch Program.

The following information is a copy/paste from the HCSO Neighborhood Watch Handbook.

Neighborhood Watch programs provide residents with the feeling of ownership for their community by promoting the belief it is everyone’s responsibility to see that their community is a safer place to live.

Neighborhood Watch encourages residents to be alert for suspicious activity in the area and interact with each other by exchanging information about work schedules, vacations plans, types of vehicles belonging to residents, etc. Regular monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly meetings offer residents updated information on current crime trends and allow residents the opportunity to plan watch programs for their area.

Do Neighborhood Watch programs really work? A recent study by the U.S. Department of Justice COPS Office found “across all eligible studies combined, Neighborhood Watch was associated with a reduction in crime.”

Some advantages of Neighborhood Watches include:

  • Reduces crime and prevents crime.
  • Provides direct contact with the Sheriff Department.
  • Increases awareness about activity in Harrison County.
  • Helps neighbors get to know each other.
  • Assists the Sheriff Department with crime prevention efforts.

Neighborhood Watch Dos and Don’ts


  • Report suspicious activity immediately to the police, not the Neighborhood Watch coordinator or Block Captain.
  • Report all crimes to the police.
  • Learn what’s normal in your neighborhood.
  • Take a pro-active stance against crime.
  • Encourage others to participate in Neighborhood Watch and invite new residents to join the Neighborhood Watch.
  • Attend Neighborhood Watch meetings.
  • Obtain full descriptions and license numbers of suspicious people and their vehicles and report immediately to the police.
  • Participate in operations identification.


  • Don’t take the law into your own hands.
  • Don’t approach suspicious people. You should never attempt to apprehend a suspect.
  • Don’t stop criminals committing crimes.
  • Don’t pull over cars on patrol or any time.
  • Don’t take unnecessary risks to obtain information on suspicious people or crimes.
  • Don’t hesitate to call the police.

The model program for Neighborhood Watch would include Quarterly meetings with HCSO.  It would include a tiered structure of a Coordinator, several Block Captains and then a few citizens per Block Captain to perform the Neighborhood Watch.  To make this a sustainable effort it will take more than 3 or 4 people and a couple of signs.

If you are interested in being an active member of the Stablewood Neighborhood Watch, please contact any current Board Member and volunteer.

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2018 SPOA Annual Meeting

The annual meeting was held 11 Dec 2018 at the Oaks Club House.  The meeting was poorly attended with 12 properties physically represented and additional proxies to constitute a quorum.  The 2018 financials were reviewed and accepted, the 2019 budget was discussed and 2019 Board elections were held.  The 2019 Board will consist of four returning members Rod Jenkins, Mark Jenner, Terry Johnson and Glen Needham.

The most lively discussions focused on people speeding in the neighborhood and signs.  We ask all residents to obey the 25 MPH speed limits and be vigilant as you are sharing the roadway with neighbors, children and pets.  The sign issue will be discussed with SPOA committees and taken up at the next Board meeting.

Pelican Management Group has changed their name to Magnolia Management Services and has official meeting minutes and reports submitted  during the meeting.  The 2018 Board thanks the SPOA for a successful year and wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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SPOA Annual Meeting

The annual meeting is scheduled for 11 December 2018 at 6:30 PM in the Oaks Clubhouse.  Please make plans to attend or provide proxy voting rights to a neighbor or Board member.  The goal is to review the past year’s business, review the budget, elect new board members and discuss issues or concerns.  Pelican will mail out minutes and reports from the previous 12 months.  Please come prepared for the meeting so we can keep it to less than 90 minutes.

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The Halloween hayride will take place on 31 October.

We will meet at the entrance at 6 pm to board Mr. Fisher’s hayride and leave promptly at 6:30.
If you want to meet up with golf carts, bikes, cars, etc to be part of the group, please join us. This works so well for the kids to trick or treat together and get to know your neighbors. Another plus is most of the kids will go to each house at the same time! So those of us without kids don’t have the doorbell ringing all, night as most of them will arrive all at the same time. This has been so nice the past two years. Our neighborhood is spread out and our driveways are LONG for those little legs.

Special thanks to the Fisher Family for graciously hosting this each year!

Thank you to everyone who participates!

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SPOA Management

The SPOA management group has undergone some internal changes and as a result some contact information has changed.  Please update your contact information with the following:

Pelican Management Group, Inc.

(O): (225) 286-7546




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Stablewood 2018 Picnic

Annual Spring picnic will be April 28th 11-2ish at Stella Wolf’s lot next to her beautiful home. Catered by Hertis Nall (same as last year). Please come and meet your neighbors over some really good food! Bring a side or dessert if you can, if not, bring your family and just enjoy the food and fellowship.

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For replacement parts or replacement mail boxes please contact Brandon Industries, 1601 Wilmeth Rd, McKinney, TX 75069-8250.  The phone number is 800.247.1274.

The style of mailbox used in Stablewood is the Country Club (FAC36-2123-CX)

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SPOA Security Cameras

The security cameras have been installed at the entrance.  Two cameras have been mounted atop the entryway columns in a effort to deter any potential crimes in the neighborhood.  The cameras are solar/battery powered and operate 24 hours a day.  At night you will notice the IR capability as the circular red LED pattern will illuminate.



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SPOA 2018 Board meeting #1

The first Board meeting was hosted by Rod Jenkins on Tuesday, 23 January 2018.  We all agreed that Rod will function as the President for 2018 and the Mark Jenner will continue in his capacity of VP/Treasurer.  We welcomed the addition of Terry Johnson and Glenn Needham.  Glenn volunteered to take on the board secretary duties for the next year.

Items discussed included the building of the pump enclosure on Woodland Drive, adding security cameras to the entryway, repairing the broken entryway lights and adding signs to indicate video surveillance and No Soliciting in the neighborhood.   The security cameras have been ordered and will be installed the first week in February.  Board members met with a contractor for the well enclosure and an electrician has repaired the entryway lights.  One sign was added declaring the presence of video surveillance and the SPOA position to restrict door to door solicitationSPOA_Sign.

Nita Derouen is once again heading up the Social Committee and would like to have a get together Feb 17th around 10 am to chat about the Stablewood Spring picnic. She’ll have brunch ready and hot coffee, OJ, etc. If anyone is interested in planning this annual event, please make plans to attend. We’ll set the clock to be done by noon. Please bring your ideas and lets plan another fun event for our neighbors and our kids. And Erica we will NOT plan this on a day I am on call!!!!!!!

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SPOA Annual Meeting Recap

The annual meeting was held 5 Dec 2017 at the Oaks Club House.  The meeting was poorly attended with 8 properties physically represented and an additional 14 proxies to constitute a quorum.  The 2017 financials were reviewed and accepted, the 2018 budget was discussed and 2018 Board elections were held.  The 2018 Board will consist of two returning members (Rod Jenkins and Mark Jenner) and two new members (Glen Needham and Terry Johnson).

Pelican Property management has official meeting minutes and reports submitted  during the meeting.  The 2017 Board thanks the SPOA for a successful year and wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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